#TuesdayThought for the week ahead…..

Here’s a good thought for your week ahead….. 👀  

I have just read #thelittlebigthings book by the incredibly inspiring, humble, amazing Henry Fraser Mouth Artist, thank YOU for sharing 💙I so highly recommend you read it …

‘Focus on what you can do, not what you cannot. Strive to find meaning. Learn to accept where you are & then adapt, be curious, determined…. the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity…. this, think about it this week.’

I so relate to these thoughts, and the end where Henry is asked, are you really grateful every day, and he says yes. I believe in him.

When I got Weils and post viral encephalitis in 2013 there were moments I didn’t know my name, I didn’t leave the floor for days at a time, many things changed then…. you can’t see my brain & neurology, but nearly 6 yrs on I can truly say I’m grateful every day, however tough, however much doubt or fear…. for what I continue to learn, for what I can do over what I currently cannot, and because everyone is dealing with something, I have huge compassion, I know that hope, love & courage calms fear, the sound of the birds, the sunrise & sunset, the laughter & stories with friends…. these moments will always happen, value them, value those who matter & learn to commit to yourself, mind, body & soul, for you matter too.

If you would like to know more my TEDxBristol talk #EmbracingAdversity shares some more…

Have a happy week & so much support always, I see your magic & potential, even if you don’t yet….. be brave this week.



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