A Little #MondayMotivation: What are you Thankful for?


‘Today I am thankful for…..?’


It’s always really good to just pause and be thankful. After landing in Los Angeles last week, these are a few of the things I’m thankful for from day 1 ….!


* Landing, finding my hotel and stabilising my totally crazy neurology by 4am …despite uber guy saying I would be stabbed or raped, interesting welcome and so the opposite, everyone has been great … I set off wandering and exploring!


* Finding Unplug Meditation and having a wonderful class, such an amazing space, do go if you can, and if not jump online for their book and Camilla Dallerup’s book


* Walking 21 miles (ha last long ‘run’ done, thought it would be missed!), no one walks here ‘ma’am(!), I got lost, sat down, had a moment, walked some more, ‘got’ the city, loved the dogs, crazy cool all around


* Found two Sweaty Betty Boutiques, so friendly & vibrant, just like U.K. Stores. Do check out their #londonedit, limited edition pieces, really cool  London Edit Collection


* Found some yummy little local places for food, did my stretches & Trigger Point Performance Therapy travelling roller time, essential


* Gave Unplug Meditation & Sweaty Betty copies of The hound of happiness and seeing their faces light up and loving it made my day


* And to sleep peacefully and deeply in preparation for Jill Coleman mastermind to create the most amazing idea into action to help you all realise how damn Awesome you are, that anything is possible and confidence can grow in the most unlikely places…..


I would so love to know what you’re thankful about?


Biggest support and strength, Coach #kimpossible reflecting on LA


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