#SundayThought 10 tips to inspire positivity

‘Beautiful minds, inspire others’ 💙 tag those brilliant women who inspire, support, laugh, love & motivate you 🙌

This week we had Happy International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day so to all the amazing women around the World, may you always believe in yourself. And realise your potential, beauty, strength & purpose is unique to you. Do value you, go make the world a better place, live your dreams, learn to love the person you are & help other girls & women to value themselves & make the most of life 🙏🏻🤸🏼‍♀️🦋

And not forgetting the men in our lives, who equally inspire and have potential, beauty, strength & purpose – date for your diary’s International Men’s Day is November 19th! 🌟

10 tips to help feel positive 🙌

🌟Learn to be comfortable in your own skin & ‘helpful’ with yourself
🌟Appreciate what you have, avoid comparison and instead start to observe excellence and adapt things for yourself
🌟Find the positive or learnings in each situation 
🌟Let go of the need to control everything, learn to be accountable yet flexible
🌟Let go of your inner resentment or fears, try to work out their purpose and shift to growth, be brave
🌟Learn to live in the moment as well as be curious about the future
🌟Avoid over analysing if you can, instead focus on productive analysis with decisions and outcome
🌟Notice your worries and make a plan to change them, find support and let them go
🌟 Stop hiding and be true to you, whatever that means to you
🌟Have an open mind, be kind, travel & explore, locally or far, cook and eat well, sleep deeply and follow your passions

Choose 1-3 tips for the week, comment which 3 below 👇🏼and tag a friend for support 💙

I’m here to help support you believe in you, don’t be shy or overthink asking anything 🙏🏻

Big support, strength and super powers whatever you are up to today, Kim 🌠