Realise and Unlock Your Potential

We all have so much untapped potential inside us. Often we get stuck through fear of failing, or succeeding. Of taking the first tiny step to change due to overwhelm, judgement, self sabotage, what if…

It’s my deepest wish you realise a tiny fraction more of yourself, you give a little to yourself & allow yourself to receive. For this can gently build resilience, courage & commitment,

And this allows us to reach out, find our voice and connect with others for support, friendship & growth, to trust…

Life is messy, especially this year, yet I promise deep within you is so much more than you realise.

Be brave this week, take a tiny step, ask for support & see what’s possible… have faith in yourself even if there is fear.

When I watched Ranvir & Giovanni dance to Sara Bareilles, it reminded me of this deep strength we all have, intertwined with vulnerability, doubts, hopes and dreams. They inspired me & whilst it feels a vulnerable share, maybe this will help one person too,

With courage I hope we all choose brave & take a new first step this week,

For I believe in you, and I am most definitely navigating messy growth with kindness post suicide trauma healing & reconnecting,

Who’s inspired you recently… and what’s your first step? Accountability & spirals of support, let’s go…

Looking into January… let us know if you have specific goals or thoughts or what may help, and if you are doing any of the National Challenges, RED January, Veganuary, or would like an Energised Mind Body Challenge…

Here to help you navigate your messy growth, unlock your potential & find your magic flow, With big support, Kim ✨

📷 Gem Hicks Aug 2020, just Gem & I in a field for 20mins, I highly recommend her

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