Motivated by what….


I had an interesting conversation about Motivation a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share our thoughts, and provoke your own.  It is an interesting concept motivation, and what motivates one person to do somthing, may do the opposite for someone else.

 I was being asked what motivated me to exercise, and be active.  For me, its quite simple – it makes me feel good, it gives me energy and I love being in the fresh air and moving my body!  Some training sessions are hard so they require focus and determination – whilst others are simply for enjoyement.  They are at a slower pace, and allow me time for reflection, contemplation and creation of ideas…! Underneath the initial reasons for exercise, there are a few others including my competitive nature, the desire to try new challenges, to be a positive reflection for my business and to look after the health and wellbeing of my body for the future!

All of this appeared to be a surprise, and I find many people put too much pressure on themselves by making every session a hard session, or choosing things that they feel they should do.  But why I ask?  Find a form of exercise, with a group of people, of some great music or a stunning location and do it because you want to do it – with positive motivation.  Of course, everyday may not be amazing but listen to your body, adapt your session to how you feel and allow yourself the possibilty of enjoying exercise….I believe this is possible for everyone if you find the right thing, the right people and the right motivation!

So….as we being to leave the Summer months behind and turn to Autumn, it is worth a moment of reflection time.  Why do you do what you do?  What have your achieved so far this year?  What are your goals for Jan 2010 and what do you need to do to achieve them? When you achieve them, how will it make you feel and what will you gain from doing them?

Find a big piece of paper, or a little notebook – whatever works for you and answer the questions – in a list, or a mind map and let us know how you get on, what your goals are and what motivates YOU!

Have a brilliant day and look out for our Monthly Coaching Sessions coming soon….. garden.jpg