#MondayMotivation: Body Image?

Body Image?  Hot topic at the moment.  
We would love to know what you think.
Our Head Coach Kim has just written a blog for a fitness industry magazine on body image with trainers…. and we would love to know if you think a personal trainer or sports coach should ‘look’ a certain way to be credible, or have amazing knowledge and empathy, or both?
Who or what inspires you?  And what doesn’t? 
Love to know and we will share our tips in November…
We also love our interview with Magpies and Ladders on confidence, check it out here – http://magpiesandladders.com/2014/11/03/lets-talk-mind-and-body-coaching-with-kim-ingleby/
If you would like any 1;1 coaching or support with this, do pop us an email and we can let you know how we might be able to help increase your body confidence