#SundayThought: Life Lessons from 100 yr olds…

Life Lessons from 100 yr olds…

🌟If I’m making a cake and it fails, it becomes a pudding
🌟Marry someone who makes you happy
🌟Communicate daily & respect people
🌟Adapt with the times, keep learning
🌟Be independent but not reluctant to ask for help
🌟Be active, eat fresh and local,
🌟Keep it simple, be happy

What do you like most?

🌟Christmas Drinks in Bristol, 6.45pm 2nd Dec, love to see all that can make it

🌟12 Days of Christmas starts 8th Dec, sign up only £10 which goes to a local charity Marmalade Trust and loneliness over Christmas

#findyourfeelgood #thinkbigsundaywithmarsha