#TuesdayThought Do you know your happy places?

Reconnect with them, often life gets so busy with ‘shoulds’ we forget what makes us happy, inside out… 🌎 Love to know your happy places, near & far…do share 💙
For me, one of my happy places is travel & adventure: exploring, meeting different cultures and being with the community people, helping in a tiny way 🙏🏻
This photo is from a magical time in Sierra Leone with Street Child and their projects, and running Sierra Leone Marathon to raise money at the end (I was last but what an experience all round) 🇸🇱
I will always remember the happiness these people had in their souls, even with ‘so little’,
Connect to your happiness & share with those you love.
👀Remember too, growing happiness nearly always takes a risk, a conversation, a decision, a commitment to grow out of our comfort zone….🌱
Big support, Kim
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