How to achieve your Goals this Year…..




On New Year’s Day I climbed to the top of mountain near Comrie, in Perthshire, Scotland and took some of these beautiful photographs!  I decided to climb the mountain on my own – for the simple reason that time on your own, without the distraction of other people, computers or phones, is essential for reflection, contemplation, and clarity in your goals….. I hope the photos inspire you to set some goals and achieve something really special this year – for you!

If you are unsure where to begin try this:

* Buy yourself a notebook which will be your ideas, goals and thoughts book for the year.

* Do a mind map for 2008 – reflecting on what you have gained and what you would like to develop more of

* Then do a mind map for 2009 of all the ideas and thoughts you have – play with the ideas and give yourself no boundaries.  If you are unsure where to start have a look at work, family, relationship, friends, hobbies, fun, fitness etc….

* Once you have done this chose the top three things that are most important for you to achieve and then begin to plan how to make this a reality

* Then share what you are going to achieve with one to two other people who will help support you.  Regularly try to reflect on how things are going by writing things down and keeping on track.

Dont worry if things change – you can always change the path you walk along, but only if you have started walking.  If you would like help setting your goals and achieving more in 2009 please contact us for a 90min Life Coaching Session to kick start the year – this can be done on line, over the phone or in person!

Alternatively – why not come the the Jan Bootcamp Weekend – Fri 30th in the evening until Sun 1st Feb in the afternoon – it will include lots of fitness, core work, goal setting, good food, fresh air and fun – all in the beautiful setting of Folly Farm in Someset – a few places are left…visit the courses and events to find out more or give Kim a call on 07720 845849.

Any finally….what I know you are all wondering what my goals are from climbing the mountain…..!! Well – professionally I want to keep growing Energised Performance and help inspire people to feel great inside and out, individually, in sport and business.  Personally I will compete in a few races, travel to a few crazy places, improve my photography and try kite surfing….to begin the year with.  And charitably I will finish my fundraising challenge of £30,000 in my 30th year with the Strictly Energised Charity Ball on March 21st….visit – tickets starting at £1400 per table of 10!

So why not comment below and let us hear about your goals for 2009 and then we can all keep each other accountable!

May 2009 be a year filled with success, happiness, good health and contentment for you all.