How is your January flowing so far?

Happy Monday Team, how have the first few days of January flowed for you, I would love to know?

So, for me this quote above about daily routine is really important. It’s about your tiny habit changes which make the difference, to how you look, feel and become. Yet with this, you have to remember to change your thoughts and how you see and feel about YOU.

Ask yourself this….. my goal/priority for January is this…..?

Then ask yourself WHY is this important to you? And if you do achieve it, how will it make you FEEL and think in yourself.

Becoming helpful to yourself is really important when changing habits, getting stronger, doing something different, training for a marathon or whatever YOU want to make happen in 2021.

What I believe is also really important, is actually making those changes tiny and consistently, and learning to trust yourself. There is SO much information out there about what you should and should not do, it can be confusing as rarely is one ‘wrong’ but maybe it doesn’t suit you.

So today, take a pause and just stop.

Think about what is overwhelming you, what is draining your energy or mood and what you could do to switch this perhaps? Slowing down, actually sometimes gets you where you want to be faster than cramming things in, this is true for all things in life I think.

Love to know how to support YOU to help make January great?

Big support, Kim

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