Festive #MondayMotivation fitness & feel good

Festive #MondayMotivation fitness & feel good, do you have any questions to help support you? Do ask 👇🏼

So it’s easy to feel overwhelmed especially if travelling, spending time with family in different routines & foods and feel the pressure to say yes….. 🤔

Now is the time to create a mini mind, body & soul plan that allows you to have fun with those you love, whilst feeling good in yourself. Take a moment this weekend and write it down, simple habits & thoughts to keep in place….🙌

Things like this help:

🎄Daily movement 🎄 stretching especially if travelling 🎄hydrating (water😂🎄good breakfast 🎄good sleep 🎄short strength workouts 🎄exploring wild runs 🎄or whatever is your ‘thing’, make it happen….

If I can help you or you have great ideas, routes or recipes do share, we would love to know 👀

Big support, Kim 🌟

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#feelgood #fitnessmotivation #unlockyourpotential

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