#SundayThought: Busy or Productive? Watch your language

This mini thought was in our Energised newsletter, I received lots of feedback about it so I wanted to share it with you all – think about your language and let me know what you think/say.


“I’ve decided to change my language (not bad language, but more effective language) and one word. So instead of saying I am busy, I am either being productive… or I am relaxing, training or having fun. Being productive is a much better focus than busy, even if they appear the same. Have a think.

I have also been working with a few clients asking them to do well being workouts when they are tired or stressed that are low intensity and good for the mind and body, and then Training Sessions (kick asse style) when they are feeling great. This will give them much better results and work with their bodies and minds much more effectively. Let me know what you think about my thought & your three words changes for the month.”


My recommendations from common things that come up with clients are:

Change Busy to Productive

Change I’m not Good Enough (and comparison) to I’m okay (and in time good enough, let go of negative comparison and switch to positive observation:-)

Change Can’t, Should, Probably, Maybe to I will/I am

Enjoy the subtle shifts through changes in language 🙂


Tweet me @kimingleby @energisedcoach your Top 3 Words for the Week e.g. #3PositiveWords = Productive, Calm, Confident


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