Blue #MondayMotivation, how’s the first week of January? 

I hope you are really well? How’s the first week of January flowed for you, I would love to know. Just hit reply and let me know…. 3 good things, and 3 challenges to change or do big self care with. Let me know… it’s really important as it’s ‘Blue Monday’ this week, a week where people find things tough the media tells us. If you believe this or not, I don’t mind, just make sure you try the exercise as I promise it will help… here’s mine for accountability!

I’ve had an interesting time, presenting to a group of Entrepreneur’s which seemed more scary than TEDx yet turned out brilliantly, being chosen as one of Bristol’s Happiness Champions (this makes me really happy!) and two more people signing up to our Mentoring VIP Year & Gain the Edge athlete squad, exciting time. These make me feel truly grateful, inspired and excited for the year ahead.

The challenges were my car being reversed into but no details left and a big bill, nearly losing a friend during labour (but she will be fine, phew) and the encephalitis enjoying January. I like to think of these as little road bumps to get me to pause and check in with things… but naturally they did make me feel frustrated, sad, scared and fearful, for those as normal emotions.

I share both experiences, because, however tough or challenging life is, finding the good, the moments of joy in each day grow your happiness and strength to cope with the tougher times.

And also, you never know when your life will throw a curve ball or end, so please, make the most of your amazing life, and whilst you are doing this, please value yourself, for you are one damn amazing human.

So I would love you to reply and share your happiness and challenges, and let’s make this Blue week Brilliant, plus one person who reads this and replies will win a signed copy of the Hound of Happiness sent to them Tuesday, yippee and all sales from Monday will go to Mental Health charities.

Here’s 3 blogs you may find useful: How to cope with Blue Monday, super powered Lentil Soup recipe & our Gain the Edge Entrepreneur coaching client Camilla Dempster’s guest blog, let us know if you would like to be connected.

We have 2 spaces on our Workshop on 21st Jan in Bristol and 8 to join our VIP Mentoring Year, if you feel intrigued and don’t want to miss out, click here, or pop me an email to

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