A little thought about potential

A little thought about Potential… are you fulfilling yours?

This week I have worked with some amazing people – like I am fortunate to do every week, but this week seems to have been extra special.

My clients have included a lady who has overcome a stroke, and a lady who has overcome a blood clot and cancer to return to full fitness, five European GOLD age group medalists, 12 ‘star’ talent equine instructors of the future, 2 GB Syncho swimmers, a girl with cerebral palsy, several triathlete including an awesome coach, a couple who are just the kindest, most inspiriing, pair of lovely people (they will know who they are!) and many, many more!

With them we have done Kettlebells, Swiss balls, TRX, Flexi Bar, Posture, Biomechanics,  equine fitness and mental strength, stretching…. sports rehab and massage, Sports NLP and much more!

So with all this inspiration from such wonderful clients from all levels I thought I would post a little thought about allowing yourself to realise your potential…

Potential isn’t a fixed quantity – the word is dervived from the Latin potentia – meaning power or ability – to be able.  Potential, then, is the capacity to learn and develop which is inherient in everyone.

A number of things may help your potential – consider these:

  • Wanting something enough to make it a goal – how you feel and/or what you do
  • Getting enough information about how people are excellent at your goal – or who feel good about themselves
  • Breaking down the goal so it is in a sequence of events which will bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be – making it possible to reach optimal
  • Keeping on track in progressing towards your goal through external support or through self encouragment – commit to making things happen, being flexible and self aware
  • Finding ways to make each stage enjoyable and rewarding in itself – people who are really excellent in what they do, often do it easily, without apparent effort.

So go for it! Allow yourself to commit to realising your potential just a little bit more this July!

Let us know how you get on – tonight is our Bristol Race Day NLP Workshop, tomorrow is the Women’s ONly Triathlon at Eton & Sunday is the Bristol Triathlon – perfect to realise potential – Good Luck to you all! 🙂

Happy Sunshine filled 1st of July.