Wet, windy & wonderful Warwick Triathlon with Team Energised (& Vernon Kay)!

I love racing! Especially in the wind and rain 🙂

Warwickshire triathlon – last race of the season for Team Energised hard core members! Thanks to Dave Baber for encouraging everyone to enter this one – we all had a great race..

Triathlon is great – anyone of any level or fitness ability can have a go as long as they can swim (breast stroke is fine), ride and have a road worthy bike and can run… so a small group of Energised athletes headed up the motorway to give it a go!

Dave Baber finished with a PB on the bike I think – and a brilliant race, he has got better and better this season. Well done Dave. Then Richard Morris completed ihis first triathlon ever – brilliant. His girlfriend Lindsay (and Team EP Scott Ramsey & Simon Treglow), was completing the Bristol Belter 100mile road race – very big well done!

Then the ladies set off with Anna Marie Kenny recording a personal best … she is one to watch next year everyone! Getting stronger each race… And then Head Coach Kim set off… with the support of Dave, Debbie, Dave, Lorraine & Kate – thank you sooo much for staying to support!! It definately was a Energised Boost 🙂

With a speedy transition Kim (unplanned and to the amusement of all!) came 13th/232 ladies, and 4th in her age group…. she has had a good season – quietly recording top 10 placing’s, and one win locally. Her aim is winter biking (and a upgrade to her old friend of a bike!) – who will join her!

Kim found Mr Vernon Kay to say a big hello to, and check out his new Giant bike -bike envy! He is one seriouslygood athlete for his first season recording a 1hr 14 time, GB Age groupers look out! Big well done Vernon!

To see a full list of the results, enter next year’s race and watch the U Tube clips visit: http://www.fun2tri.co.uk/Warwickshire-new/index.htm

And that leaves me to share post race fuel stories…. Strictly not what the nutritionist may recommend but seems to work for these people, remaining annoymous … this is what the Top 5 best post races foods were…..” Roast dinner with loads of roast pototoes, Bacon sandwich, Giant Chocolate Buttons, Cheese & Marmite panini, Fish & Chips….hmmm” Winter bootcamp I think!!

So for the Winter look out for our Mental Strength for Performance Tour – with special guests (provisionally!) from Jan – April 2011…. plus our Beginners Triathlon Workshops next Spring. If you are interested do comment below, or email us!

BLOGS coming soon include Strictly Come Dancing Week 1 – Mental Strength, Best Races & Energised Summer Round up, Winter tips and more…. good times!