Prepare for the ski slopes the Energised way!


If you are going skiing in the New Year and would like to increase your strength and confidence on the slopes, meaning you can make the most of your holiday, then why not book onto our 6 week pre-hitting the slopes, Ski & Board Fit Course, brought to you in association with Alpine Mojo!

This popular outdoor course starts on Tuesday 12th Jan 2010 is suitable for men and women, and gets results – it has been fully booked for the last 4 years!

As well as helping ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your holiday, it will help with your strength and conditioning, injury prevention, core and back strength, control and power, flexibility and stretching techniques, as well as giving you some basic positive mental tips!  All essential to meaning you gain the edge on the slopes!

If you are interested, or would be interested in completing this course a little later in the season to prepare for your holiday, then get in touch by calling Kim on 07720 845 849.Or get a group of 3+ and we will run the course for you, when and where you want!