#MondayMotivation: Fall in Love wth Moments

Below is a little ramble from our Head Coach Kim,  she shared early last week which seems to have had some impact and feedback… so she thought she would share here. Love to know what you think about it, all thoughts welcomed.

“I don’t really know how people, really, think/feel about ‪#‎bodyconfidence‬ and body image, fitness, nutrition, gym definition currently as there are so many different pieces of advice out there… so I thought (being brave) I would share this.

I think how we see ourselves and what we think we ‘should’ look like is often very crazy compared to how others see and feel about us.

I believe in switching off & going and getting hot & sweaty however you like, doing whatever makes you feel strong, energised and move towards your confidence and goals is what you should do…. and to have fun whilst doing it ‪#‎thisgirlcan‬ *and boy can style…


I believe in learning to become your own ‘food detective’, becoming mindful of what you are eating, how you are feeling, what makes you feel good (towards your goals), what’s an emotional trigger, what’s a in the moment good, yet longer not so good, what makes your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and you body shape become and feel how you want…. it’s different for everyone, and different depending on your age etc..

I have been coaching a lot of people on body image, confidence and ultimately well being & happiness… how to FEEL good, like like and value yourself…. to do what makes you feel good…I think it’s a journey, and everyone’s fitness and ‪#‎feelgood‬ motivation’s are different, therefore what we eat, train and do has to inspire and feel right for our lifestyle, family, time and priorities in life…

I think I’m becoming good at helping people to grow in confidence, self worth and happiness as I was probably the least confident, most shy, self conscious and not wanting to be seen person as a teenager… even admitting that feels vulnerable, yet I know where people are at… even if they don’t think I know… therefore I can really help support and kick them courageously forwards (when they are ready)

Learning from Nigel Risner&Associates about the power of authenticity and telling your story has been empowering… as the more vulnerable and courageous you are, the more you can take hold of your limits and change them… the more you are in positive control.

This has then helped me to coach, support and motivate many people to realise anything is possible, you just have to make/take the time…

I’ve not decided on my next ‘fitness’ goal as just reviewing bloods, neurology healing ‘window’ and life/business flow…

I wonder what you have decided would work best for you?

Do let us know if we can help you?”