Kettlebells, Flexi Bar, Indu Boards, Posture & Performance!


Flexi Bar, Kettlebells & More!

The most effective, up to date training tools guaranteed to get you results – elite sports teams are using them and so are the celebrities – so whatever your goal you can guarantee results whilst working with one of our fully trained, experienced coaches!

  • Would you like to improve your posture and relieve back ache?
  • Would you like to perform better in sport and reduce the risk of injury?
  • Would you like to have more strength and co-ordination for competition?
  • Would you like to feel and look fantastic with lean muscles and lots of energy?

Yes!! Energised Performance specialise with posture, core, functional exercise and biomechanics helping improve strength and co ordination. This not only helps you look and feel great in every day life, but also perform better in sport whilst reducing the risk of injury.

Following a discussion with you, and a simple assessment we will put together a range of exercises to help strengthen and improve your posture. We use scientifically proven postural and functional tools to enhance our work, tailored to your requirement, including:

  • Flexi Bar – excellent for fat burning, shoulder stability, racquet sports, triathlon
  • Stability Discs – excellent for knee and ankle rehab, balance & co-ordination
  • Glide discs – excellent for ski and snow board training, control and awareness
  • Kettlebells – excellent for functional strength, sports performance & fat burning, outdoor sports, rugby, hockey etc
  • Xco’s – excellent for power, running, shoulder stability
  • Bosu & Swiss Balls – excellent for control and functional strength, running, triathlon, equestrian sports etc
  • Indu Board – excellent for snow boarding, surfing, kiting etc
  • SAQ drills – excellent for tennis, football, co ordination and speed

All these tools can be used indoors or outdoors, offering quick, effective training sessions, increasing your fat burning levels and giving you maximum results in a short period of time! For more information read on, or contact us to find out more and book an appointment.

The Flexi Bar will improve your posture, sports performance, stomach muscles and joint stability whilst also increasing your metabolic rate (fat burning) by 30%! Based on technology used by German Physiotherapists for 20 yrs, the benefits of the FLEXI-BAR include:

  • Effectively reduces all Back Pain and improves posture
  • Strengthens Connective Tissue, improves co-ordination & balance
  • Strengthens & Flattens Abdominals – can increase fat burning rate after exercise
  • Improves endurance & strength for Sport – rugby, skiing, tennis, running, swimming etc
  • Reduces the risk of injury & shortens rehab time – especially shoulders
  • Aids Post Pregnancy return to fitness
  • Can reduce stress, improve sleep and mood!
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The Glide Discs are used to develop strength, control and muscle balance in the inner thighs, bums and lower back areas. They are a simple yet very effective piece of kit for improving control in raquet sports, skiing as well as good technique for running. They are also great for toning and strengthening those stubborn areas, helping you look great. (

Kettlebells are designed for intense all round training which makes them ideal for both men and women who are serious about getting into peak physical condition. They are great for burning fat effectively, getting strong and getting fit. The best bit is the workouts are short, intense and great fun! (

Postural Assessment and advice is carried out by Kim Ingleby, Head Coach of Energised Performance. She is a Master Trainer with Flexi Bar & Kettlebells, and has advanced training in many areas including biomechanics and postural assessment with John Gibbons, Oxford School of Osteopathy. Kim continually updates and develops her knowledge so you can be assured an interesting and rewarding session. For more information contact her or join us in March for our Kettlebell Training Course -visit the courses and events to book – one place left!!