Gypsies, 10km, World Triathlon Results & Direction..



What would you like to achieve this week?  Let us know, and we will help you keep on track and make it happen!


I was out cycling last night as passed a group of gypsies, travelling from one location to another …there were horses, carts, bikes, people in top hats, dogs, chickens and much more that whilst riding a road bike is difficult to identify! Now I am unsure if this is their normal dress, where they were going to or where they had left – however, I am sure that they new what they wanted to achieve, and they all appeared very happy!  I know some people would argue this, but in the moment I passed them they were in good spirits and heading purposefully in a direction…. where are you heading this week? Let us know…


And over the last couple of weeks Team Energised have achieved so much with clear direction, motivation, focus and enjoyment… well done everyone!


At the World Traithlon Championships in Australia Mark Hirsch gained a Bronze medal, Sophie Whitworth a Silver Medal (missing a Gold by 6 seconds!), Danielle Stewart was 14th and Ivan Newman was 14th – impressive results from Team EP out of 100’s of athletes.  And whilst they were competing in the warmer climate of the Noosa Gold Coast, Stewart Guynan was 3rd at the London Duathlon, now heading for Edinburgh and the World Duathlon Championships in 2010..


Elsewhere, Julie Quick and her team completed the Monster Challenge in Scotland, Clare Lewylnn cam 5th in her age group at the Chippenham Half Marathon and many of the Energised Clan completed the Gloucester 10km for Cancer Research in personal best times!


Wow – what a weekend – well done everyone!  Visit the galleries to look at more photos and please post a comment or send a photo with your story!


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