GMTV, Bliss magazine and more….!

Last week Head Coach Kim got up to something a little different…! As all those who have worked with her will agree, Kim is passionate about helping people to feel fantastic in themselves, and so was delighted when both GMTV and Bliss Magazine approached her to feature as a Health & Wellbeing Expert.  Through GMTV and Bliss, she hopes she can help more people feel this way! 

So, last week Kim completed a pre-record for a feature on GMTV entitled Little Black Dress.  This focuses on how you can help yourself feel fabulous in the run up to Christmas, and during the feature, Kim gives advice on posture, which will help you look slimmer and feel more confident. This is to be screened later this month or in early December 2008.

Kim is also currently in discussions with GMTV about the possibility of doing a feature in January 2009 on fitness and weight loss on a budget.

Kim has also now submitted her feature article for Bliss Magazine, a publication targeted at 12 to 17 year old teenage girls, which advises on fitness, healthy eating and wellbeing.  The article will appear in the publication released on 2nd January 2009.

If you would like Kim to help you achieve your goals for feeling good, please contact her at or on 07720 845849.  Alternatively, see Courses & Events – this autumn features SkiFit, Little Black Dress, Bootcamp, and already in 2009 we are planning the January Bootcamp weekend and the Italy Energy Camp.

For further information about Kim, or for press and media enquiries, please visit