EP Client Helen takes part in Sun Walk!

EP would like to congratulate Helen Wright Hyder for taking part in the Sun Walk this weekend…after two hip replacements!  About this is amazing achievement Helen says,

“As many of you know, I had 2 major operations last year and had both hips replaced. I am aware of how much I have benefited from medical research, a great medical team and hard work and encouragement from a support team.

This particularly includes Kim, who supported me in preparing for my operations, both physically, mentally and emotionally. She has encouraged, helped to plan, supported and inspired me in my rehabilitation and fitness, which has been, and still is hard work but exciting.  In this plan I benefit hugely from flexibar, massage and Kim’s inspiring confidence in me.”

Part of Kim’s work with Helen has included goal setting, which lead Helen to enter and do the Sun Walk to raise money for Walk the Walk, a charity committed to raising funds for vital breast cancer causes, as so many of us know people in our lives that are, or have been, affected by breast cancer.

If you would like to sponsor Helen for achieving this wonderful goal, then please visit www.justgiving.com/helenjwright01

Thank you!