Energised Weekend roundup!

A busy weekend for Energised with Head Coach Kim running the Rhodes marathon, EP therapist Kate out training for Ironman Wales in September and EP therapist Gail on a Kinesio Taping course.

Here is a little snippet from Kim on how the marathon went yesterday

“Thank you all SO much for amazing support, I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend? Sorry for delay & thank you for messages … the most beautiful route which I chose to walk jog, listen to my body and respect the conditions to complete the amazing, positive and well organised Rhodes marathon…… 🇬🇷🥇

I can’t thank the hospital team enough after, hydration etc were fine, heart had a wee moment and I’ve just been released.

Huge thanks to Jackie & Lee UK runners who gave me some euros and water at the hospital, and the Greek Mumma who helped change my wet kit, angels. 🙏🏻 And my models of excellence Susie ChanSophie RaworthAliki, Jenni Falconer kept me focused along with the charities I’m raising money for. Inspiration all round 🙏🏻 

All good now I promise, more in time (I fly home tomorrow so maybe not much before), except to say value yourself, you will always have done the best you can in the situation. 🙏🏻🙌💙🇬🇷 

A huge, heartfelt gratitude (no pun intended!) and apologies for any worries, I really did adapt and listen to my body, yet the unexpected is always around the corner & I love learning … I did high five that my hydration bloods were fine though🦄