Book Early Morning Bootcamp today!

Kick start your Autumn fitness with this popular and effective 6 day course which will energise, inspire and motivate you to become lighter, leaner, fitter and stronger!

Starting on September 1st, and continuing on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th, the group will meet at the Downs Cafe at 6.30am for 45 minutes (apart from Saturday 5th which will start at 8.30am, will last an hour and you are welcome to bring your friends for a fiver!).

The Bootcamp will be run by Head Coach Kim, who will guarantee you gain everything possible from this fantastic course, including fun & laughter!   

For more information, please visit Courses & Events, and reserve your place today via the reservation form or via e-mail (confirmation will be sent to you on Monday 31st August)!  Thank you!