Big Food Thoughts for you Attention…



New Year’s Resolutions often involve weight loss, becoming lighter and helping yourself to feel better inside and out… so we thought we would give you some interesting food thoughts to help you achieve your goals even more quickly…..


 * Avoid the whites, always go for the brown bread – much more fibre, less sugar and more nutrients for your body..


* If you don’t know what the word is in the ingrediants how can you expect your body to digest and use it easily and effectively? Buy things that you know what it is made with please!


* If the colour of your milk changes with your cereal it probably has too many sugars and not enough good stuff – stick with things like porridge, yoghurts, fruit and eggs!


* Eat slowly and only when you are about a 6-8 out of 10 hungry (10/10 starving and you may over eat – less than 6 no need!) – not because you are actually thirsty or bored.


* Low fat foods often have more sugars, and the same calorific amount so buy ‘real’ food with simple ingrediants just keep your portion sizes small.

For more tips, great recipes and research to support this… .


* Avoid the middle of a supermarket where all the processed foods are –shop on the edges, or visit your local greengrocer, butchers and bakers for fresh, local food – supporting local business, the environment and your body -good.


* Think what the food you eat will look like once digested to realise that huge amounts  of cheese for example does your internal organs no benefits, never mind you bodyfat percentage – treat your body with respect, and have little cheese – sticking with cottage cheese if you can!


* Your body needs Good Fats to work efficiently and have a good nervous system so learn to love your oily fish, and a few nuts every few days.


* Pack a snack box when you are travelling and a large bottle of water so when you stop at a petrol station you are not tempted by the sugary sweets, and boredom of the journey.


* Have at least 5 different colours on your plate for each meal to get all your nutrients and be able to list at least 20 different foods you eat regularly to keep you immune system boosted.


For more tips and nutritional advice please just post a comment and we will respond and support you with your changes..

And a GOOD new book we would recommend is :