Fab abs and toned tummy’s!



Beat your belly as Spring 2010 arrives!  This must be the question I constantly get asked by both men, and women – how can I get rid off/tone up my Belly (and within EP learn to make your belly happy and love it)!

Your belly generally stores fat for a number of reasons which does include you natural shape and genetics, but also the level of sugar you eat, the amount of stress you are under, the level of exercise you do and the amount of sleep you have.

 Aside from aesthetics, it is medically advisable to have a slim waist to avoid the build up of visceral fat, which can lead to blood sugar imbalances, heart disease and many other complications.

 So what can you do…

 Lifestyle Changes:

 * Eat lots of wholesome, low gylcaemic index foods and limit your refined, processed sugars – for more information please do comment and we will get back to you!

* Do eat three meals a day, and two snacks if you feel hungry – eating little and often will prevent you from storing fat  – inlcude a balance of carbs, protein and good fats

* Try to keep the amount of stimulants, alcohol and caffiene to a low level as these can contribute to insulin resistance, and a build up of fat – if you need a boost why not try Green Tea in the morning.

* A balanced level of exercise which helps to reverse the build up of visceral fat and insulin resistance, and lifts you metabolic rate 🙂 Whilst obviously toning things up and giving you confidence! Exercises and photos to follow in March or come to our Bootcamps!

* Try to manage your stress levels effectively, get good quality sleep and breathe deeply.

 Supplements which can help:

 * Chromuim: helps maintain blood sugar levels and weight loss

* Magnesium and Zinc: essential for proper insulin response levels and management of good blood sugar levels

* B vitamins:stress and high blood sugar depletes B vitamins which gives you energy and helps burn fat so supplementing can help if times are stressful but not used as a long term result

*Alpha Lipoic Acid: power antioxidant to help muscle cells respond to insulin effectively

*Acetyl Carnitine: helps to keep blood sugars stable, and burn far for energy

 * Cinnamon: curbs sweet cravings and stabilises blood sugars

* Liqourice: buffer the neagtive effects of stress on the insulin levels which cause the body to store fat around the belly!

 So there you have it! Some tips and a little bit of advice to help you keep your belly at bay and learn to love it.

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