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Fear & Courage….

I’m kind of overwhelmed writing this, by the multitude of amazing things you have all achieved as clients, from Pip with the Dragons Back Race and Helen winning the World Quadrathlon Champs, to Sandi completing a speedy Edinburgh Marathon, Jen Liverpool Marathon and book keeper Claire the Half, along with a huge array of other events, truly inspiring and thank you for letting us help you get to that finish line believing in yourself, brilliant.

Whilst not racing, I’ve had a intense couple of weeks, which finds me writing this feeling pretty tired too, and that’s okay, as I have the awareness. At times, it’s okay if things are out of balance, the key is having the awareness to re-balance before it tips into being unhelpful.

I’ve been up in London working with some clients, Channel swimming crossings, supporting TV concept for a show, spoken on the BBC Mental Health Panel in Bristol, Run Fest​ Live and been across to the wonderful The Big Retreat Wales​ in Wales, as part of the Talk Tent and Adventure Run, Strength & Life Workshops.

Just a tip of some of the people I’ve connected with, but the main thing that has come from all of this is connection. It’s really hard sometimes to put yourself out there, to be vulnerable yet courageous to show up, speak your truth and believe in yourself. It’s ironic I know, as that’s what I help you all with, yet even as a Coach, I still get really nervous with some environments. The safe option is staying at home, doing what we have always done…. the brave option is to step out… to hopefully help others connect, and take a leap too, grabbing the fear with courage, as Brene Brown’s quote show’s below.

From connection we gain inspiration, growth, reflection and opportunities, we get mirrors of what we love, our passions, fears and hopes…. these are little opportunities of new growth to nourish if we choose. I’ve included some of the links from people I’ve met over the last couple of weeks, do reach out and connect with them. As you know, I love to share goodness, so do let me know which you love.

Have a quick check in yourself, and see how you are doing – what could you change, adapt and refine heading into June? Fear and courage give growth and opportunity…. what could you embrace during the next two weeks?

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