Who are the Top 5 People you spend time with….

I wonder if you have come across this, ‘You are a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with…’ I have always thought this is a good thought! What do you talk about, what do you think is possible & our they your biggest supporters or limiters?

In line with this, I did a workshop at the weekend which was way out of my comfort zone (more about this later in the month), and it got me thinking. If you want to achieve a goal, something that is different to what you normally do, how do you go about it?   Part of what I do with my Mental Strength & Inside Out Clients is get them to build a Vision Board and on this is 5 people who represent excellence towards their goal.  These people can be people they know, or don’t but they have to motivate the person to do better, focus on moving forwards and acting as if they had that excellence.  So, if you wanted to become fitter, who are the 5 people you would want around you? If you wanted to run a marathon, who are the 5 best people to motivate you to be your best?  If you wanted to achieve that big goal in your head or alternatively, learn to sit & be mindful, who are the 5 people who could help you?

I know I have different people in my mind for the different areas of my life that I want to improve. Some I know well & are friends, some I pay for coaching & guidance, some I read their blogs & Books and others I don’t know at all but they just inspire me with their outlook on life and their values link with mine (i perceive).  So think about what you are putting out there, who you are spending time with and what your intentions are.

The Summer is a great time for reflecting and clearing, ready for the Autumn when you can plan those changes…

Let me know what you think and who inspires you to be your best, sharing is rewarding and inspiring for everyone, happy August Kim and the Team x

ps. We will have Inside Out Coaching Spaces from the end of Sept open for a couple of people to take action if you feel that sounds good to you, let us know x