#FridayFood, Boxing Day…..

First off we hope you all enjoyed Christmas Day with all the trimmings –  now get out and have a big walk, get some fresh air and feel good, shake the sluggishness from your body……
Seasoning your left overs…. if you have lots of left overs, try creating new dishes with them – we like brussell sprout, swede, parsnip and chicken stir fry, yum. Use fresh spices like Turmeric & Ginger both with great health benefits, click the link to have a read about Turmeric http://www.naturalnews.com/047325_turmeric_brain_neuronal_growth.html
Turmeric root and powder
If you’re in need of ideas have a look at Head Elf Kim’s recipes in #kimskitchen, and keep an eye out for Kim’s Kitchen coming in the New Year….
Take on our New Year 30 Day #HotBod Challenge and see what changes you can acheive……Detox and Define, full nutrition plans, training plans and coaching tips, proven to get results if you get involved and follow the plan http://kiminglebyfit.com/ 30-day-challenge-hot-bod/
HotBod 30 day