Expert Interview Series

Just before the end of 2017, one of my amazing clients Linda Davies Carr asked if I would like to be interviewed for her Expert Podcast and Blog Series. Of course I said Yes! And we had a wonderful couple of hours together which has been captured by Linda’s questions and turned into this blog, and podcast. It’s open, honest and hopefully helpful, so grab a mug of your finest brew and have a listen, take notes and take action.

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I first met Linda when I started hosting the Women’s Business Club, which Linda then took over running. Linda has been a client of mine for nearly 10 years, starting by helping her realise she could run 5km and then completing the London marathon for charity…. leading to her finding her ‘thing’ and founding ‘The Master Fixer’ 18 months ago, helping entrepreneurs level up their business. She is incredibly experienced and good at what she does. If you would like to find out more, do pop along to her Expert Coaching Series, or pop me an email and I can introduce you.

Linda kindly wrote these words about coaching, ‘I met Kim about 6 years ago and I have always been inspired by her. When I needed to work on me, on the mental strength stuff and the planning and coping with my hectic life and overwhelm she was always the natural and first choice, my “go to” coach. Calming, super professional she is challenging yet calmly reassuring. I have had many light bulb moments, and I am thankful for everything I have achieved since working with Kim. I have recommended a number of people to Kim – she’s always the one I know can help support you through change and getting unstuck. I’d highly recommend.’

So, if I can help you grow your own business, remove your fears and commit with courage, pop me a message and let’s have a chat about what may work best.

Big support & thanks to Linda, Kim

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