EP Sky Dive Completed…

SkydiveKim & Sam skydive for charity, raising over £1,000…

Last weekend, Head Coach Kim Ingleby, and EP client Sam Long from the Polar Challenge Team – completed their Charity Skydive for the Laura Crane Charity (Cancer Charity for 15-25year olds), raising over £1,000 – thank you!.

Both Kim and Sam have a fear of heights, combined with a fear of small planes! So, when two of their friends were diagnosed with testicular cancer it was felt only appropriate that they should jump out of a plane to raise lots of money for cancer.

So off they headed to Cirencester Army Base to do the jump – registering at 8am and then proceeding to wait until 3pm for the clouds to clear so they could jump! This did little for the nerves it has to be said. As they headed to the plane Sam was quiet and contemplative whilst Kim chattered nervously…it took about 20mins to go up in the plane. A plane which you would feel safer jumping out of, than landing! Sam went first strapped to ‘Ginge’ her instructor, followed by Kim, strapped to Paul with the ‘dodgy ankle’!

They jumped from 13,000ft – the first 8,000ft was completed in about 40secs at a speed of 120mph – the second 5,000ft was completed in about 7-10mins depending on your weight – the heavier the quicker you go!

On landing we shared our experiences…Sam said, ” That was the most amazing thing I have ever done, can I do it again now please..!” Whereas Kim commented, ” It was totally amazing, once I opened my eyes, but you could persuade me to do it again.” It also made Kim reflect on a corporate client from Danone who is doing 100 jumps this year! Craziness.

But the most important thing from this experience is that Kim & Sam have raised over £1000 for charity ad would like to THANK everyone who sponsored them so generously. It will make a huge difference and be greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank EP client, Rich Turley for taking the photos of our day – brilliant!

Andy has been given the all clear and gone into remission, Mat starts his chemo this week and we wish him all the very best of luck, health and support during this time.