Energised Advent Challenge, Week 2 with Zest Expert Forum & Free Festive Downloads…

How are you doing after the first week of Advent? Take a moment to STOP and have a think about how you are feeling?  Is your energy good, are you getting at least 4 nights good quality sleep, and making time to walk daily?  Just implementing those mini steps will help you to feel better balanced, boost your immunity and relax your mind.

Here are 3 things which could help you this week:

Log onto the Zest Magazine: Expert Online Forum on Wednesday 12th Dec, 1-2pm, post any question & I will answer for free, women & men welcome so spread the word, and you can log on a few hours before to post your questions…http://www.zest.co.uk/forum/latest-posts/

We have contributed to this Free Christmas EBook, packed full of great information and put together by a great friend and Expert Personal Trainer Mark, all you have to do is click here to receive it, well worth it & feel free to sharehttp://www.theweightlosstips.co.uk/christmas-freebook/

If you are running this winter, here are my 7 Top Tips to Improve your Running Off Road & a YOUTube clip to reduce the risk of injury for the Running Bughttp://therunningbug.co.uk/rbblogs/energised-running-thoughts/b/weblog/archive/2012/12/07/7-top-tips-to-improve-your-off-road-running.aspx

8 – 16th Dec – Week 2

Nutrition, building on last week Aim to….

* to cut out  (or reduce by 70% if that is easier)all biscuits, refined white sugars and white carbohydrates 

* to increase quality fish, nuts, seeds &  green vegetables, garlic, chilli, ginger into your daily meals to boost immunity and well being

* To drink a minimum of 1.5litres of water per day including a pint of warm lemon and water in the morning 

* To spread your alcohol content throughout the week, so you are reducing any excess days 

Exercise, building on last week, make time for it… 

* To walk for at least 30 minutes total per day, and spend 10 minutes stretching daily especially if travelling 

* To do this mini circuit at least 3 times in the 7 days (if you are any other training), assuming you are warmed up:

2-3 sets of 15 reps of each or 60 secs for cardio exercises: High Knees, Burpees, Step Ups or up and down stairs (watch your foot placement) // Lateral Raise (side), Reverse Flys, Tricep or Full Press Ups // Wide to Narrow Squats // Sit Ups, Dorsal Raises, Side Crunches 

Well Being… listen to your body and make those little changes…  

* Get to bed by 11pm at least three nights a week, sleeping, reading or loving!  It will make the nights out you do have even better and more enjoyable  

* Take a few clothes to charity or help out in Shelter for the night, give something back during this time, if nothing more donate to a charity of your choice, how about 5% of what you spend on Christmas Presents you donate to some one less fortunate?

* Keep it going.. write three positive things in a journal and one learning every day (or at least 3 times a week)

Fun….. keep it in balance & have a good time!

* Write your Christmas Cards for those friends and family who are overseas, make sure you post them in time and make someones day! 

The Advent Challenge will end on 21st December, with a New Year, Fitter You Challenge for 2013 coming soon! Keep an eye out for it and sign up.

Last year we did a great fun, Energised Advent Calender in aid of Team Hannah (who is still undergoing treatment, visit www.teamhannah.com to support and find out more) , which is still live so you can check it out daily here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2D2F0C8723C6CC85.

Plus follow us on Twitter @kimingleby & Facebook for daily fitness challenges and tips…. Happy Advent Team Energised!