Bite Sized Project at Tobacco Factory

Team Energised client Lottie Kockum has been researching child & adolescent eating disorders over the years and has become involved in the Bite Sized Project, 21st September at the Tobacco Factory. Have a read about why she’s involved and what it’s all about below:


Bite Sized


We need to look after our bodies. We need to sleep, we need to stretch after an intense training session, and we need to eat a balanced diet. As athletes, we are all aware of this. It´s an essential part of our training and we know that if we fail to listen to ourselves we won´t be able to achieve the results that we aim for. However, eating well is not only essential for muscle building but also for our brain and mental health.


Through my medical training, I have developed an interest in child and adolescent medicine, and over the past years I have had the opportunity to get involved with various projects that aim to improve services to this particular group of patients. One of these projects, and an area of medicine that interests me in particular, is looking at eating disorders and how to help the whole family through the painful battle of recovery.

Fear and uncertainties might be obstacles for many young patients when seeking help, and this in itself might limit their trust in services and ultimately affect treatment success. There is also an element of self-criticism, sense of blame and stigma associated with eating disorders which make the subject even harder to talk about. Bite Sized, written by Fiona Hamilton, aims to raise awareness and promote communication not only to professionals and families but to the general public as well.

The Bite Sized project has been developed with a hope to create an atmosphere where people can feel safe and able to openly talk about eating disorders. It is a workshop that starts off with a performance reflecting a parent´s experience of a child´s journey to recovery. This is followed by opportunities to ask questions. There are no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but rather an emphasis to look at what we don’t understand too. Bite Sized aims to make a contribution to allow more ‘air into the room’ on the themes and enable all involved to share expertise, collaborate, find out more, and feel motivated and enabled to move things forward.

The performance is now ready to go. The launch is on September 21st at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol. Funding is being sought which, if granted, will enable the Bite Sized Project to go ahead in 2015-16. Workshops will be based on themes from the book Bite Sized by Fiona Hamilton (

We would love for anyone who has an interest in this to come along, and all feedback that could be given to us would be greatly appreciated! It is such an important topic, and we don´t talk about it enough.

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