#WednesdayWorkout: National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day is Today!!


Today we are encouraging you to get out and move…. so many things that you could do, here are some ideas…

1. Join Steptember with Scope and log your daily steps…. a great way to move more and help Scope , you can check our progress out here – Team Energised page

2. Join a local dance class with the start of Strictly Come Dancing!! We are supporting Natalie Lowe & Iwan Tomas…..

Join our Strictly Triple Goal Challenge for Free here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/698444413517013/?fref=ts

Kim, our Head Coach ran the Great South Marathon with Iwan Tomas, and here’s a quote from Natalie…. ‘Anyone trying to find the edge re sport, self discipline, goal setting and more, Kim is for you… be motivated and achieve…’

3. Get moving and take a photo with an Activbod Selfie #showcapselfies and tweet @iamactivbod to win goodies… (use any cap if you don’t have a special one as photographed) – check out their website


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4. In Bristol join our Run & Hiit Training session’s on Tuesday’s, 6.30pm all fitness levels welcomed and looked after, find out more here – or join our Festive Hot Bod Course starting online 8th November to feel good and confident this Christmas.

5. Tweet us @kimingleby @energisedcoach with the #FitnessDay @FitnessDayUK any questions or post on our FB page and we will reply 🙂

Look forward to hearing what you do, seeing you snaps and answering your questions…