Women centred workshops coming up in May

A couple of great women centred workshops coming up in May run by local Physiotherapist Claire Callaghan.

Monday 9th May, 7pm – Eating & Strengthening for an Active Lifestyle, plus Q&A
Focussing on strengthening, eating and fueling well for sportswomen and active women, helping to prevent injury & improve performance. Evidence based info in a practical, positive way and debunking some common myths. This, in turn, will help performance and speed. 
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Friday 6th & Friday 13th May, 1-2pm (2 part event) – Food, Fitness & Flaws: an event for Perimenopausal women, plus Q&A
Focussing on hormonal change, symptoms, effects on joints, muscles, bones and pain, managing symptoms, making informed decisions around self management and medical management, diet, strengthening and lifestyle. Understand the science of your body’s hormonal & biological changes.
Build confidence in recognising signs & symptoms. Get clarity & practical advice on lifestyle factors that can support you through it. Create your own nourishing toolkit to connect with your body & thrive.
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We also have our own Find Your Feel Good 8 Day Challenge starting in May (for men too!). Join in for 8 days of professional support & tools to boost your energy, reduce anxiety, help with sleep & cope in chaos, hydration tips & a support group just for the challenge – 1 big circle of support, friendship & care.
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Let us know if you get tickets or if you have any questions,
Big support, Kim

PS We also have our next Yoga Nidra Magic session coming up in June, love you to join in.
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Photo (c) Claire Callaghan