Polar Challenge 2007

Polar ChallengeEP sponsors three girls’ race to the Magnetic North in the Arctic.

Energised Performance is sponsoring Sam, Rachel and Tina for the biggest challenge of their life! This team of three girls are racing to the Magnetic Pole, in the Artic during April 2007. Kim, head consultant will be training them physically and mentally for this challenge. We will keep you up to date with their progress and if you would like to know more then log onto their website. Below is what Sam, one of the team says about the challenge…

“I am talking about the Polar Challenge 2007. I have recently secured my place as the third member of an all girl team ‘Girls on Top!’. We have been hard at work developing our profile and our website www.girlsontopoftheworld.com – which is still work in progress, but
growing by the week.

We will be only the second all female team to get to the North Pole EVER! The Polar Challenge is a 350 nautical mile race, on skis, to the Magnetic North Pole and beyond! In teams of three, each person pulling 100lbs of supplies behind them, competitors navigate themselves to the finish line battling against the elements in blizzards, white outs and temperatures as low as -40 degrees with the occasional Polar Bear encounter along the way! The Polar Challenge is the ultimate test of mental and physical strength and endurance, and has been dubbed ‘the World’s toughest race’. This experience changes people’s lives and I know I will return home enlightened and motivated, knowing I can do anything if I put my mind to it.”