Ashton Court 10km Cancer Research Run Completed!

Ashton CourtWell Done to Team Energised!

Well Done to all Team Energised who completed the Cancer Research 10km Run at Ashton Court in Bristol this Sunday.  Follow the link at the bottom if you fancy Longleat on 14th October…

After a few months of preparation and many nerves – everyone arrived to a warm and clear day at Ashton Court Estate.  It is a course that is known for its hills and varied terrain so everyone knew it would be challenging but as Head Coach, I also knew that everyone would be fine!

So the count down began and a sea of 1,200 turqoise t shirts headed off, including several people dressed up including the Pink Panther & Jane Fonda!!  And as we headed around the course we came to 5km marker and a string quartet playing lovely music – slightly surreal but very enjoyable…. and then after several hills, the end came into site. Now whilst a sprint finish is not advisable – the client I was running with jsut had to bear her next door neighbour so it was a speedy finish.

I am pleased and very proud of everyone who ran the race and raised so much money for charity.  Many people finished including the fantastic Team Energised, Karen, Julie, Rachel, Kalpna & Satty. Well Done :-).

On finishing the race I had arranged to have a meal with the Team but they were being unusually noncommittal which I thought was strange!  It turned out that they had planned a Surprise Birthday meal!  Very naughty of them – but a fantastic way to finish the race with a yummy Sunday lunch.  So THANK YOU Karen, Dee and Kalpna for organising such a fantastic afternoon – it really was very special and much appreciated. Thank you- you are all huge stars!

And finally – if you loved the 10km and fancy another before the end of the year Longleat Cancer Research 10km has space on October 14th!  A little drive but a fantastic venue and well worth the trip 🙂 Visit Cancer Research.