A Great Scottish Sports NLP Adventure…

We hope you all had a brilliant Bank Holiday weekend & have made time to sit down, and write down your top goals to achieve by Christmas – 4 large ones and 4 mini ones in each month… keep us posted and let us know if you would like any support or advice.

We took the train up to Edinburgh so had many hours to set our goals… lots of exciting things to share over the coming months within Energised Performance and personally a cousin’s wedding, Dad’s 70th and sister, Rosie’s 21st all before Christmas amongst other things!

The Edinburgh Triathlon Club kindly invited me to present our popular Sports NLP – Mental Strength for Performance Workshop (this was our 14th workshop this year – with 4 bookings from clubs/events for next year already which is really exciting).  I have to say a HUGE thank you for Phil Parr-Burnam for organising the evening & Simon (and Co) from The Tri Shop in Edinburgh for allowing us to host the event in their brilliant shop (if you need any kit in Scotland, or on line – check out there site).

The evening went really well, filled with lots of questions, mental rehearsal, goal setting and race strategies amongst the areas discussed in the 2.5hour workshop.  A big thank you for everyone for participating in the workshop and I look forward to hearing about all your successes and results.  Any questions do give comment below and we are happy to support you always.

Following a successful workshop in the evening, we worked with a couple of athletes the following day for 1;1 sessions.

If you are interested in organising a workshop for your club, friends or 1;1 sessions please just get in touch or give us a call on 07720 845849 – our specialist sports include Triathlon, Running, Equestrian and Winter Sports – and our workshops are appropriate for all sports and we have also run them with Premier Rugby, County Tennis, County Hockey & Synchoronised Swimming Athletes.

After a great set of workshops we headed out to run some hill reps around the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and then enjoyed a lovely evening with family and friends at the Edinburgh Festival!

A BIG Good Luck to everyone racing at Strathclyde Triathlon, Cotswold Triathlon, Newbiggen Triathlon this weekend… and then onto China and the World Championships where we will be offering Sports Massage and Sports NLP.

Some websites to check out…

Edinburgh Triathlon – ask Phil and the members to welcome you along… lots of great thing going on : http://www.edinburghtri.org/

The Tri Centre – ask for Simon and his team – say we recommended you to help you out! –  http://www.thetricentre.com

The Laughing Stock – where my brother Fred, and sister Rosie worked at the festival – great food for all locations run by Amy and Jack – again, mention us and they will look after you well –  http://www.thelaughingstockfood.com/

White Stuff – their flagship store – ask for Adam – seriously impressed with their customer care, store layout and kit – a huge range and very helpful – thank you! : http://www.whitestuff.com/storelocator.asp