What could you learn from a 12 year old?

Just a mini thought today.

I am fortunate enough to work with a few young adults, as I am sure they would like to be referred to.   What strikes me every time is that they really are quite wise, open & honest.

I have worked with one girl since she was 7 years old, she is now 12 and has Cerebral Palsy. Every since I have worked with her I have been inspired and motivated to increase my knowledge to allow her to have the best quality of life.  I am quite inspired by the way she comes for treatment every week, regularly does her exercises and has under gone numerous operations, botox injections and much more.   She is also one of the most intelligent children of that age that I know.

Her passing comment on leaving yesterday was, ” Why do adults always do what they think other people think they should do? You should just do what makes you happy, that’s much easier.”

This young lady and another young man have both just started secondary school, and they are finding things challenging.  Every child is trying to find their place in this new environment, causing people to react in different ways.  Working with them, we have developed tools to allow them to cope better and be their very best.   They are responsive, open and willing to empower themselves.  I know, as they grow up this will be a valuable learning point which they are taking positively and constructively.

As an adult we often choose the easier option and avoid things which may be challenging.  As you read this, could you learn from these young adults? Could you empower yourself to overcome something that challenges you, which will enhance your quality of life in years to come?  It doesn’t matter what age you are.  I have two clients who are close to 80 years old, who I am working with on empowering self confidence and fulfilling dreams into goals. That is equally inspiring and I am very proud to work with them all.

Thank you to their lovely parents for allowing me to work with them, it is a real pleasure.

Happy Halloween to you all 🙂

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