#ThursdayTherapy: How scar tissue can affect muscle performance

This week EP Sports Therapist Becky explains how scar tissue can affect muscle performance….

When you think of scars you generally think of a scar on your skin after a cut, and most people can understand that this forms after healing. However scars can also occur within the body after injury.

Anatomical change in tissue is inevitable when injury occurs, when you damage muscle/tendon/ligaments scar tissue replaces the original tissues that were there previously. Unfortunately scar tissue is not as functional as the structures it replaces, whereas our normal tissue allows for normal contraction and flexibility scar tissue does not take on the same linear structure as normal tissue and can therefore not contract normally or allow as much flexibility.

JL Quiropráctico
JL Quiropráctico


This poor structural organisation leads to pain and dysfunction. This is why when you injure a muscle/ligament you may feel as though you cannot get as much out of muscle/joint as before, whether it be in power or in movement. The tissue will generally feel quite lumpy or grainy to the touch at the site you sustained the injury.

It is important to realise that whenever you are injured there is going to be a certain amount of scarring and this is normal in the healing process. It is also important that you seek some advice when you do get injured as the right exercises and manual therapy can prevent this poor formation of scar tissue and allow you to regain normal function.

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