Festive #ThursdayTherapy Sports Massage and travel stretches

Over the festive period plans to visit family and friends often include travelling long distances or slow, stop/start traffic.

So how you are actually getting there? Sounds obvious, but how long will it take you…. get prepared, think ahead and be aware of your posture, hydration, nutrition and sleep. If you can get up and move about, do. Think about how you sit, correct yourself, take deep breaths, relax and stretch if possible. Drink more water than you would normally to boost your immunity and energy, especially if you are flying.

We recommend you aim to walk for a good 20 mins morning and evening, stretch & do light core exercises whatever. This unwinds your body from travelling, stretches the muscles and helps re set your bodies energy, often aiding in sleep.

And if you’re in the Bristol area? Book in for a Sport or Swedish Massage, fix those little niggles or take time to relax and unwind. Also a great Christmas present too!

Christmas Opening Times – we’re open for treatments again in Bristol so book an hour of Massage with Gail or Kate by clicking here

Need a #Wednesdayworkout but limited for space and time try Kim’s “Smallest Hotel Room Workout”, click here

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