#ThursdayTherapy Pregnancy massage offer from EP’s Kate Hughes

Kate Hughes, Energised Performance soft tissue therapist, is now qualified to do Pregnancy Massage.

Book in with Kate HERE to take advantage of the Pregnancy massage OFFER, see below for details…

“As a mother myself, I wish I had had the opportunity for pregnancy massage during my pregnancies, I would have appreciated those benefits. It is really important to stay in the best shape you can during your pregnancy and to try and stay active. This was important to me and I bounced back quite well as a result. I have been very active ever since, and my children are now teenagers. I would like to help as many of you stay in the best condition during and after your pregnancy.

I attended the Pregnancy massage course with the Cotswold Academy on Saturday and learnt a lot about safe techniques for effective massage on pregnant women and the enormous benefits of it.”

“The benefits of pregnancy massage include a wide range of physiological, emotional and psychological benefits….
*Alleviates stress
*Assists in remedying many of the common discomforts experiences during pregnancy
*Increases blood circulation which provides more oxygen and nutrients to both mother and fetus
*Stabilises hormonal levels and helps relieve depression or anxiety
*Soothes and relaxes the nervous system by releasing endorphins into the mother’s body
*Supports the return of blood to the heart and increases blood flow to the uterus and placenta
*Prepares the mother-to-be for an easier delivery with its sedating effect on the nervous system
*Offers a natural, safe, drug-free alternative for pain relief”
Courtesy of The Cotswold Academy

Kate’s OFFER for the New Year: if you book a 1 hour pregnancy massage in January, receive a 2nd massage in February half price.

Book in with Kate HERE to take advantage of the offer, just put you would like a Pregnancy Massage in the notes, or email Kate at energisedkate@gmail.com to discuss your treatment and to book in.

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