#ThursdayTherapy: What happens to performance when your ankles fatigue

EP Therapist Gail writes….. “When it comes to any activity ankle strength and stability will have an impact on your performance. The article below goes through a recent small scale study and the results suggest that “as the run progressed, the runners did less and less work with their ankles, and more and more work with their knees and hips.” Fatigue in the ankles means that the running becomes less efficient and can lead to increase in overall fatigue.

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Ankle stability can be affected by previous injury, inappropriate footwear and gait in motion. Most of us have at some point twisted an ankle with varying severity, it makes a difference if the ankle is rehabbed properly. Reducing restriction in the tissues and increasing the strength will not only improve performance but it will also reduce the chances of the injury reoccurring.”

See next weeks #WednesdayWorkout for Top Tips on improving ankle stability.

If you currently have, or have had an ankle injury in the past, soft tissue therapy can make an improvement. If you’re in #Bristol book in for a chat or an appointment with Gail and Kate here 

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