#MondayMotivation… #AmazingAugust












I read a great blog the other day about just being, and not doing comparison, not getting up at 5am to do everything and actually taking some time to do less, to enjoy more. I think it’s quite a wise thought as we move into August.

Our challenge to you in August is to define three really clear goals that you would like to achieve. Write them down and how it will make you feel when you achieve it, what you will gain by achieving them and how it will add value to your life.  Then write down the top 3 things that could affect your ability to achieve the goals, and create a solution to overcome this should it happen.  Make sure the goals are clear, focused and specific.  And if you would like to share with us to make sure you do actually achieve them, we would welcome keeping you accountable.

Having a Coach to help support you achieve your goals I believe is invaluable.  I have always used them, often they don’t tell you anything you don’t already know.. but what they do do, is keep you accountable, give you support, give you a kick and make sure you do make uncomfortable changes to make things happen.  So, get a pen, write those goals down and let’s set up an Amazing August. 

Let us know how you get on and remember to scroll back for #FridayFood & #WednesdayWorkout

And if you are in or near Bristol do come to the Summer Meal on Fri 8th (this Friday) at Las Iguanas, WhiteLadies Road, just give us an email to confirm your place and what you want to eat 🙂

Have a brilliant week, #Kimpossible and The Team