#Monday Motivation: #MindOverMatter…. how to perform better?


Mind Over Matter… it’s a funny one hey?

As a child I was often told… just get on with it.  I think as adult’s we often think, just get on with it….. and then suddenly our perfectly rational reasons for becoming fitter, lighter and stronger are sabotaged by some weird self protection method. Just in case we don’t become lighter, stronger, do our best, kick ass and win the competition… right?  And then, in some even more weird situation we do that in case we do succeed and become different….

I coach so many people of all ages who discuss these things with me.  And these are people from all backgrounds, who are wise, knowledgeable, successful people.  Yet one area of their life draws them to coach with myself, and find some ninja tools to help them get their Mind over the Matter that is perhaps limiting them from being their best…. and enjoying the ride.

So … how do we do this?  How do I help them create a Mind Fit Space that is positive and empowering for a competition, to look and feel hot on the beach or for an Awards dinner, to dance on Strictly Come Dancing, climb the biggest mountains in Nepal or to just dance in their front room and feel good?  Here’s a few tips…

1. Build a vision board….. a vision that you can look at and associate with excitement and commitment, a commitment and motivation to your success.  Include photos, pictures, words, quotes, people… and most importantly, you in the middle of it all.   Make it personal and motivating for YOU.

2. Get in the habit of carrying a notebook around with you and writing down things that inspire you, things you did or felt that made you feel great. And things that you did, that were not good, and how you would like to do or feel differently next time.  It’s only by writing things down, pen and paper that we can train our brain to be mind fit and happy. Do it. It really does work.

3.  Choose your story…. what you want to tell people, how you want to tell people what you are doing and why.  All too often we discuss what we don’t want, how we don’t want to feel and therefore we replicate a story we don’t want.  Start to talk about the story that you would like to create and read. It may seem tough to start with, so write it down, make it real and make it story that you learn, grow and adapt within.

4. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, who inspire and motivate you, who have your back no matter what.  It really is true that you are a reflection of the people you spend time with, the things you watch and read, the thoughts you spend time with.  Make sure you choose this Focus wisely.  Where your focus is, is key I believe to your success to change and success.  This doesn’t mean you have to be positive and okay daily, but it does mean that your intention, focus, determination and choices are focused positively for you

5. To stick to your training plan, your goal… you need to look at your motivation?  Why do YOU want to achieve your goal?  What will it do for you and how will it add value to your life? Make it really REAL to YOU.  Losing weight, getting fitter, feeling more confident is great… but anyone can say that… the motivation and key to the success for YOU is about your WHY. Why do YOU want to do it?  What will it give you?  Write it down and keep that as your motivation when the going get’s tough.  Equally…. make sure you have damn good rest days, time off, sleep and good food.

Each goal, each focus requires your energy and time.  That’s why I focus on 2-3 things at any one time for a few months, and then I change and focus on something else, once the goal is achieved. Often trying to do and achieve too many things limits our full potential, enjoyment and success….. yet the paradox is, it gives us a reason should we not succeed.

So when you are ready… get 2-3 really clear goals you would like to achieve, WHY you want to achieve them for you, strategies for any limitations or excuses before they even happen, build a vision board, tweet @kimingleby how you get on and begin….

Wishing you lots of success, focus and #mindovermatter.

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