#MondayMotivation High vibes & 7 Quick Tips

High vibes & 7 Quick Tips for Lifting your Mood & focusing your Mind, grab your journal (I recommend Chroma Stationery) and give it a go… 👇🏼


1. List the good stuff & how it makes you feel, share below and tag someone to grow the happiness 😊


2. Avoid too many refined sugars snacks, try my #brocollibrownies or for something simple, hummus and carrots, or on the go post workout, Optimum Nutrition Protein flapjack or whipped bites (use Tryoptimumkim to get a discount off your order).


3. Create an awesome morning routine, it doesn’t need to be long but sets you up for the day🤸🏼‍♀️ (check Lewis Howes podcast)


4. Get outside and move, stand tall, breathe deeply & be present. Leave your phone or switch on silent & take at least 3 x 10mins breaks every day. It will make a difference & boost Vitamin D too (get DNAFit Test done with me for insights )🦋


5. Help someone out, give an act of kindness, a surprise, refer and recommend their business, write a card, anything that will add value to their day. Giving back & collaborating is empowering, do tag someone you recommend & why, let’s share the love 👀


6. Make a decision that keeps ‘lurking’ in your mind, potentially distracting your focus and flow. Take the leap, if you’re not sure, ask for support. I’ve always invested in my business with Mentoring, it adds massive value.


7. Find your happiness. So press pause and play with your ideas, where’s your life heading, are you on a path you enjoy? Do you have dreams, wishes and hopes? It will be uncomfortable to change your habits, but could you change something to allow these to happen? Tiny internal thoughts, or big life adventures. Either and both I’m here to help 💙 try Elizabeth Gilbert writer of Big Magic book for starters 


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I believe in you, Kim 🌠 #unlockyourpotential