#ThursdayTherapy Gail is training in Sports Therapy…

EP Massage Therapist Gail is expanding her knowledge by training in Sports Therapy at Active Health Group in Manchester over the next year, all finished off with a dissertation!
“As you know at Energised Performance we feel continual learning makes us better therapists and gives value to our clients. I’ve been wanting to do this course for a number of years but had to wait a while. Now I’m not going to lie and say it hasn’t been frustrating but the delay has honed my hands on skills, my clients tend to comment a lot on me finding tender spots they didn’t know were there!
From my own experience as a client I’ve always known that massage is a great tool, both physically and psychologically but to really achieve results it goes hand in hand with strength work – don’t worry I don’t mean beefing up! Core and overall strength is always a good thing, and Sports Therapy will give me the skills and knowledge to give that missing bit to clients.
Just like Sports Massage having the word Sport in the title doesn’t mean this type of therapy only applies to Sports people – it is for anyone in discomfort and wanting to improve their bodies capabilities to deal with our day to day activities whatever they may be.
I’ve just finished a module on Advanced Myofascial Release which has been absolutely fascinating to see what changes can be made to posture, tension and trauma held within the body. Next is case study work purely using this technique and I’m excited to see what can be achieved.
BE WARNED GRAPHIC – not for the sensitive this video from Dr J C Guimberteau is amazing and shows what fascial tissue is….”
If you’re interested in knowing more about the areas Gail is currently studying or you’d like to be a case study (be warned homework will be set!) get in touch by emailing Gail at energisedgail@gmail.com
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