#ThursdayTherapy: To foam roll or not?

EP Sports Massage Therapist Gail on whether we foam roll or not?

Foam rolling is an area often discussed amongst health professionals and it’s a tricky one.

As we learn more about the body’s mechanics (still a long way to go) we do know that ‘one size does not fit all’ and there are so many different factors that can contribute to a problem area, for example last weeks #WednesdayWorkout post for ITBS included using a foam roller on the ITB which is a contentious area.


This article is a good one to read, it covers the pros and cons to consider before using a roller and why it’s potentially useful but not for everyone. It’s also important to look at the body as a whole as pain is an indication something is wrong but not necessarily the source, for example looking at core functioning and stability.

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