#MondayMotivation – Be Somebody….

…Who makes everyone Feel like Somebody.
Be that girl, be that guy who makes someone feel like they matter, that they can do something and believe in themselves. Make their day better. Try it today & everyday.
That’s our aim everyday, to help everyone we coach and meet in the day to feel valued. Not in a massive way sometimes, just your tone, posture, a smile or random act of kindness. You never know, it might just #makethedifference ⭐️
This guy in the photo is Ceri Hannon, founder of Chrysalis Promotions, he makes a difference every day to thousands of people. Kind, humble, ambitious, intelligent and kick ass. When I started out in the #fitness industry he was, and still is a massive influence to me. Winning the IFS PT of the Year in 2007 & 2015 gave me an even greater passion and purpose to help people around the World feel like somebody and go be their very best .. every year Ceri and his team run the IFS in Blackpool, I highly recommend you check out the line up and sign up ⭐️
So today, think about it. In this beautiful world of change and chaos, make someone feel like somebody today. And reach out to three people and thank them for making a difference in your life. There are so many in mine, but I would add Jill Coleman & Jenny Burrell Education to make my three for today, check them out, just amazing, wise ladies💙
And finally, a huge congratulations to Kalpna Woolf who won the Inspiration Award at the Guild Food Writers last week with her 91 Ways to Build a Global City, you are making a difference to so many 🙏🏻
Biggest support to you all always, Kim ⭐️ (pop us an email kim@energisedperformance.com)
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