Monday Motivation…. Grow your Own Self Worth in 2016:

Pic from Terramundi website


Something I have been discussing with clients is the self belief money pot… I have found it works really well with all my athletes, male and female who want to build their self belief. Here’s a link of the ones you have to smash!​

When a training session, fitness/nutrition week or race has gone well, or even if it’s gone ‘badly’ but there is something they are proud of that they did, overcame or thought, they put a 50p or £1 in the pot,
This ‘grow’s’ over time, representing their self worth… then when you smash it.. you have an investment to grow even further towards their goal, its just a metaphor but is so effective.
Just an idea for growing your belief & confidence next year, and moving towards achieving your goals!  Let me know if you get one!
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Have a watch of this short video #Human, Cameron Diaz talks about fame, life, lessons learned and how “fulfillment comes from within you, by being authentic to yourself”