Lycobrain CaDi Product Testing & Special Offer

I was recently invited to sample Lycobrain from Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging (CaDi).

Based on their research I would really recommend trying this product if you would like to potentially boost your brain health and activities which are dependent on an adequate oxygen supply. Moreover, after 40-50 years of life ageing processes start to affect the brain cells and we may benefit from additional support to maintain their oxygenation, metabolism and functions.

Learn more about Lycobrain protection here

Lycobrain is 4-5 times more effective than regular Omega-3, so there’s no longer a need to take regular Omega-3 supplements.

The product has undergone clinical trials in Cambridge and is entirely safe to use. It is still advisable to check with your Doctor if you are taking any other medication to be sure you are happy to take it.

I really like that CaDi produces vegan products, has a 100% nature friendly approach, helping support the oceans and fish (they use Omega-3 from algae, all their ingredients are GM-free).

Medically it has been shown that COVID-19 may, especially in mid and severe form, may cause brain hypoxia, which causes brain dysfunctions and increases the chances of dementia, and after the recovery it highly recommended the brain support 

Hypoxia causes many diseases, inflammation and dysfunctions, learn more here.

Organ target oxygenation is a unique treatment which becomes available with supplements from CaDi.

The brain is the most important organ and has the lowest tolerance to hypoxia.

Learn more about oxygen transport and deficiency here

Lycobrain Daily info

  • Lycobrain Daily – the only product available on the market which is able to support the brain in the case of hypoxia, by increasing oxygen levels in brain tissues.
  • Lycobrain Daily is the first personalised (personal dosage) and innovative nutrition complex from DHA Omega-3 and carotenoids which deliver DHA Omega-3 directly to the brain.
  • Lycobrain Daily was developed in Cambridge in collaboration with research teams of 10 top universities and clinics worldwide.

Lycobrain Daily has been available since July 2021, and supply is limited to several thousand packages per month.

Special offer

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Photo credit & information, research and data: Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging

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